Angry Juice is an one person operation, created by Misaki Moonwing, to share the passion for visual and kawaii styles.

Some History

Starting from my living room, I designed my own clothes and merchandise in the summer of 2012. I wanted to share my creativity with the world, as well as professionalizing the art I enjoy the most; making amazing and unique clothing!

The love for these Japanese influences and styles sparked when I discovered Japanese rock music and visual kei. I was immediately enchanted by their looks and mostly of one person in particular: Hideto Matsumoto.

“When people called me a freak, I closed my eyes and laughed, because they were blind to happiness.” 

-Hideto Matsumoto

Throughout my career I found more and more inspiration in designing and creating my products and at one point I decided to found my own brand called Angry Juice. 

Juicy, the mascot of the brand

Juicy is little kitty, who got abandoned by its owner. As a stray cat, he finds himself in all kinds of adventures while he is looking for a new owner to take care of him. Unfortunately, his looks aren’t very helpful to complete his goal. A damaged ear, a split tail and his long nails doesn’t make him look much attractive and gets him into trouble lots of times.

The idea behind Juicy, is the fact there are many pets in this kind of situation and I believe it could use some more attention. That’s why Angry Juice supports organisations, who help out pets in need. 

Dierenbescherming (animal protection) is one of those amazing organisations. They rescue these animals with ambulances and take care of them in their rescue centres. They work together with other organisations such as DierenBuddy, so they can do their best to prevent such situations.

With adopting a Juicy plush or any other of Juicy’s merchandise, you support this organisation and actually rescue a real animal.

In advance I would like to thank you on behalf of the organisation and the animals. I hope we can support more organisations in different countries in the future!

Please enjoy my work in the Angry Juice Etsy Shop and on social media’s. Don’t forget to leave a follow for all future updates!

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