New Arrivals


Hello my lovely readers!

Today I wish to announce you the new arrival of…. the SUMMER COLLECTION!

Since it’s the first item ever posted, I would like you to explain what it’s all about.

I would like you to introduce to Juicy, the SUMMER edition.   


It’s summer and Juicy walks around on the streets when he sees this little girl eating some ice-cream. He walks over to her wanting to cuddle, but his looks startle the girl and she drops her ice-cream cone. It lands right onto his face. But what the girl does next is something he didn’t prepare for… 

Plushie line

This cute little kitty has been transformed into something we all didn’t prepare for, which is obviously his adorable look as a plushie!

Juicy is available as two different types. #1 Standing form and #2 laying form and in all sets of different pastel colours.

To order you can click on this link here which will send you to the Etsy shop, where you can order your custom Juicy just the way you want him to be! 

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