TomoFair: SUCCESS!

It has been a little over a week since TomoFair Amsterdam. And I must say, it was an amazing experience. It was my first time on such an event and it was just all new for me. 

70% to 80% who came to the event was in cosplay, which was amazing to see and gave the event an extra positive vibe. The people were kind, joyful and very supportive.

I had an amazing time talking and meeting new people. It gave me a lot of feedback and inspiration what to do next. More of that will be announced soon, just still figuring things out!

So thank you all so much for supporting me and it’s very nice to meet you all!

I want to give a special thanks to Arlequin, who assisted me on those two days. She also made these amazing looking photos for me. Please give her some support as well!

I hope to see you again anytime soon!

Photographed by Arlequin, 2019
Bibi the bunny and Gloomy the bear helping out in the shop. Photographed by Arlequin, 2019

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