TomoFair Utrecht 2019

Hello my lovely readers,

Past few weeks have been overwhelming for me. I needed some time to come back to my senses. When you invest in a project, you always hope for it to be received well. There will always  be questions like “Will people love it as much as I do?”, “Will I be able to continue my business after this?” and “Will these customers ever come back to buy more? Or will they end up disappointed?” 

I always try to do my very best. This time it finally worked out and it makes me more nyappy than you realize. I just want to make people nyappy and Juicy achieved it that day. I hope I will be able to continue this with Juicy with more merch, more themes and more love!

I want to thank you all so so much for supporting not only me, but also helping out to protect  animals this way. The only thing we can do is trying to do what’s right! ^^


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