The Name

“When you look up the name, it means it’s a certain alcoholic drink which makes a person aggressive. It’s not a very positive name and it would have made more sense if I named it Happy Juice, cause I want you to be happy! But… I see it more as some sort of protest against the plain and dull society.”




“The love for these Japanese influences and styles sparked when I discovered Japanese rock music and visual kei around 2010. I was immediately enchanted by their looks and mostly of one person in particular, who goes by the name Hideto Matsumoto, but is better known as Hide.”

“When people called me a freak, I closed my eyes and laughed, because they were blind to happiness.” 




“As a teenager, I got bullied a lot for being different. I had different interests, taste in music and looks. I felt a lot like a black sheep in a herd I just didn’t belong to. I want to reach out to the people who feel the same way and encourage them to stay being themselves and not let other people discourage you for being different.

So starting from my living room, I began designing my own clothing and merch in the summer of 2012. I started sharing and selling my creativity locally, as well as professionalizing the art I enjoy the most; making amazing and unique items!

Throughout my career I found more and more inspiration in designing and creating. At one point I decided to found my own brand and named it Angry Juice.”


“Handmade products have such a bad image. But in the end, everything is made by hand. The only difference is the fact you know where the product is coming from, quite specifically. Which means there is a better insight and control over the quality and fairness of the product and wages, so you can enjoy your item to the fullest with a clear conscience and warm feeling, cause everything is made with lots of love.” 


As you may have noticed, my products are quite diverse. I like so many things I can’t choose and I love to learn more and more, which you can see in the items I create.  They are all unique in shape or theme. I have a lot of plans and every year they change. I still want my own little shop and workspace, but my ideas what I want to make changes every time. I tried to focus on one thing, but that simply doesn’t work. And why do I have to?”