Bunlotl Project: Postponed

Bunlotl project: postponed.

When you set a deadline for something there’s always a chance that something that you have no control over crosses your path.
Unfortunately this is the case now, too. This means that the Bunlotl project has to be postponed.
Despite the fact that the deadlines were realistic and manageable, some things that take more of my interest or priority crossed my path,
among which the health of a relative. I hope to be able to pick up the project again soon, but this time without a set deadline.
Bunlotl definitely won’t be forgotten, and will definitely get a physical shape as a product. Unfortunately it won’t be this year.
For which my apologies, but I do hope that you want to continue following the project and will keep your enthusiasm for this ultra-cute little character!

Misaki Moonwing