Alice's Hatterene

Hatterene Update #2 – Pattern making

After the size and details of the plushie have been finalized based on the wishes of the client I proceed by making a 2D drawing of the character.
This way I can draw on it and come up with a plan on how I’m going to make the pattern and which parts of the plushie are going to have to be made in individual pieces to be assembled like a puzzle in the end.

This is always a lot of trial and error, which you have seen with Cufant earlier already! 🤣
Where I thought I knew it all already, but it didn’t work in the end and I had to start over and try again!

First I decided on how many pieces I want this pattern to have. What would be the easiest way to create this plushie without leaving out any details?
I really want this plushie to have a 3D effect, which means that the “hair” will overlap the face and these two elements won’t be made out of a single piece of fabric like I’ve seen other “fan” creations of Hatterene and up as.

Unfortunately I’m not the best at describing things, but I hope that you understood what I meant with this description!

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