Alice's Hatterene

Hatterene Update #5 – Prototype #2

I finally have a new update regarding Hatterene!
Thanks to the holidays of Sinterklaas and Christmas I haven’t had as much time to work on her as much as I would have liked, but there is some progress at least.

Today I can tell you that a new prototype has been made. The hips are wider, allowing the layer above to flow nicer around it. I have started on her “dress” too. The top “heart” part was a fun challenge. It’s quite difficult to make something around an object which has to look curved in the end.

Beneath that will be the top dress, for which I eventually draped a piece of fabric and started to draw on that, put pins in it and then started cutting. Eventually all of that turned into this:

More busy days are coming, so I’m afraid this will be the final update for this year.

I want to wish you very happy holidays, and a lovely start of the new year! ♥

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