Alice's Hatterene

Hatterene Update #4 – Prototype #1

I started on the base of the plush today. It took a lot of brainstorming on how to tackle this, but sometimes the best way to start is to “just start”.

The base of her body, which I’ll call her “under-dress” for now, reminded me of the pattern of a skirt, and this is how I approached it too. This made it a lot easier to create a solid foundation. To me her hips seem a bit too narrow at the moment, but that’s what this first prototype is for.

After that I made a cone-shape for the upper body. I drew on her arms and stitched her arms for the 3D effect. Her head is a little flat right now, but this will be changed in the next prototype version too. The hair and hat have to rest on this, so it’s important that there is enough surface for these.

I already made a heart-shape for the top part of the dress. For the first fitting this shape is a bit too long, but I am going to adjust the basic shape first before starting the new layer.

So, on to prototype 2!

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