How do I order?

There are several possibilities to order the products of Angry Juice.

You can find handmade merchandise in the shop already. Here you can find all kinds of handmade items like clothing (vests, onesies, cuddle clothing), accessories (bracelets, necklaces, pendants, scarfs, beanies) and themed merchandise from the mascot Juicy and the Bunlotl, among others.


Customized orders


Juicy’s Animal Shelter

Juicy is the mascot of Angry Juice. A simple, but feral tomcat in Angry Juice’s colors. Juicy goes on all kinds of adventures in his stories, some are fun, others not so much. These are being portrayed in a fun, cartoonish way, but these are scenarios that happen to animals in real life. Juicy and his friends supports the Dierenbescherming (the Dutch animal welfare organization) for this reason.

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Juicy’s story means so much more by adopting a Juicy. There are existing Juicy of various themes that are already in the shop, but custom Juicy’s or a remake of a sold out theme are always welcome. You can request one through the following link:

☆ Juicy’s custom build ☆

Axolotl Bunny Character 1 blue hexagon


Bunlotl is an experiment of two animal species: the axolotl and a rabbit. This genetically manipulated and completely new race is ready to concur the world with their love, because to everyone’s surprise they’re the most social and loveable species on earth!

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The Bunlotl adapts to his or her environment rapidly, as well as the needs of its buddy/buddies. That’s why it’s the best pet you can have! You can adopt an already existing Bunlotl of various themes in the shop, or you can have one tailored to your wishes as a custom design. You can request one through the following link:

☆ Bunlotl’s custom build ☆

Looking for something else?

That’s also possible! Misaki Moonwing is open to commissions for other designs that currently aren’t available on the website or in the shop. Feel free to get in touch and explain what you’re looking for or what your ideas are in detail. You can do so by using the contact form below.