☆New character!☆

I would like to introduce a new character to you, the Bunlotl.

The Bunlotl is a new character created by Misaki Moonwing. A mysterious creature with the looks of an axolotl mixed with a rabbit (and some other lost DNA). This genetically manipulated and completely new race is ready to concur the world with their love, because to everyone’s surprise they are the most social and sweetest species on earth!

What you can expect from this new character

The Bunlotl is more than a story. It’s a completely different idea than Juicy, in which a character goes on all kinds of adventures. This is going to be YOUR story, which you will experience together with your Bunlotl, which you can create to match your tastes and imagination. The mystery surrounding this race is that there is a lot that still has to be discovered, so the stories you will have with your Bunlotl will be endless. Bunlotl’s behavior is focused on your needs, to make the group it’s joining even stronger and allowing everyone to feel safe and allowing them to develop. This will increase the life expectancy in the eyes of Bunlotl, because you now have a stronger group.

I have created and elaborated this race to the point where even I thought I had created a completely new species of animal, which exists in the real world. The complete story about how the race came to exist, the looks, it’s diet, the gems, the behavior and it’s instincts will be explained here.


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