Fanta Assignment

A while back I got an assignment for a plushie and not just any plushie, but “Cufant” from Pokémon generation VIII. “Cufant” is a cute yellow/orange colored Elephant that quickly got the nickname “Fanta”. And as such it became time to give shape to it!


When I’m working on a plushie that has to look like an existing model I start with doing research. “Cufant” isn’t a very popular Pokémon, so I mainly had to get my frames of reference from videos. The shape and curves of “Cufant” are generally simple. The difficult parts are the a-symmetric drawings on its body. Do take to mind that even while something looks simplistic it doesn’t mean it is simple to create…


It took a bit of time to get back into the mindset again. I used to be able to sketch quite comfortably and things would quickly fit together. But this time I had to do some thinking and tinkering before I could get started. As said before “Fanta” might look simplistic, but it sure wasn’t simple to create a pattern for it. Through my experience of making pillows, I have a certain  work route: First off draw two dimensional parts and then turn it into a three dimensional model. But rather quickly I noticed that that wouldn’t work with “Fanta” so I had to adapt and change my usual way.


It is always important to make the plushie look as much alike as possible, but of course I’m always depending on the fabric I can get my hands on. My favorite working material is “wellness-fleece” even though sometimes it’s very difficult to get it in the colors you need.

This was also a first time using my new embroidery machine on such a stretchable and fluffy material. Everything taken into account it actually came out quite nicely for a first time.


Now as all the preparations are done, the real work can start! My working order is to start with assembly of all the separate parts, and the preparation of alignment of working order. So that after I can stick it all together and make small adjustments when needed. Because this is also the moment of where you find out if your two dimensional puzzle actually fits into a three dimensional space. And even then it’s still a hassle to find out what is the best work order for “Fanta” because you have make certain parts inside out.

Luckily my skills weren’t as rusty as I had previously expected, I still had to make a couple of adjustments here and there from the plan I had previously made. I had thought to create the three dimensional effect in it everywhere with darts and as such steal some fabric away so its shapes would look more rounded, but it sometimes is too much of a gamble to know for sure if it will work out nicely or not.

End result

I have to admit that it went actually pretty damn smooth and the result is extraordinary! The pattern ended up fitting quite nicely as the plushie came out of all of its pieces very prettily. At last the plushie got its own “Angry Juice” label and a certificate that proves “Fanta” was made by my hands. The costumer was super thrilled and now “Fanta” got itself a new warm loving home.


I’m very thankful that I got the opportunity to make you this plushie! 

It was a great joy to create “Fanta”.

End results:

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