Progress on Bunlotl #1

In my last post I made an announcement about my new character, the Bunlotl. (In case you missed it, here’s the -link-.) But if you want to breathe life into something, you’ll need more than just imagination and some drawings. I can see it as a real species, but it would be even better if everyone else could too. I don’t have the magical powers to bring something to life for real, but I can give you an image and the first step by designing and creating a plushie form, so we have something tangible and the fantasy can grow.

I gave myself a deadline: December 2021.

This sound pretty far from when this post will come online, but as a person with a busy job and a lot of hobbies, this is a pretty tight deadline. 

I have some goals for each month, and thus a deadline.

June: The pattern.
July: Elaborate embroidery patterns.
August: Test (embroidery) patterns and perfectionate.
September: Trial model and latest elaborations.
October & November: Produce and promote.
December: Convention (if not canceled due to COVID).

The month of June

I have never taken this long with a pattern before. Turns out it was a good thing I reserved an entire month for this, because I needed it. The body of the Bunlotl is chibi, meaning: small body, big head. The body was made easily, and I was happy with it. But then doubt started to set in and I started I constantly wanted to move away from the original drawing. Once I noticed I kept doing this I started from scratch, and everything went a lot better this time around.

The Bunlotl will be in a seated position. This isn’t just super cute, but also ideal for display purposes. It’s also the most stable position for the Bunlotl because the head and the tail will create a balancing problem for the plushie. The seams on the head were a challenge as well, because the most common seams didn’t work due to the gem on its head. It was quite a puzzle to figure out, but I hope you won’t be disappointed by the results!