Progress on Bunlotl #2

The month of June is over, and it’s time to reflect on the progress of the month of July: the embroidery patterns!

A stuffed animal is clearly nicer when you use embroidery to create some of it’s parts. This is something I have noticed through the years. You always want to give your clients the best possible quality, but that’s also dependent on the means you have available to you. This is why (now I have been able to save up for it) bought an embroidery machine. I have had a really nice sewing machine for years, so I decided on a standalone embroidery machine. This includes the software, in which you can create your own embroidery patterns. I once had a very simplified version of this, and I didn’t like it one bit. You couldn’t do much with it and that’s not something I can use. I want to be able to create something of my own out of absolutely nothing! This didn’t mean I had to buy the full, detailed version, but I also had to learn how this works and is supposed to be used in the most effective way. With a few crash-courses on YouTube I’ve managed to figure out how it works, and the rest is just dedicating time to it and practice.

The Bunlotl will be embroided in two different ways: Embroidery (the manual way, complete with yarn) and appliqué, in which you can still feel the fabric. I will announce what fabrics this will be in September, when the trial models are ready.

Aside from that I also gained some drawing skills, and knowledge on how light is used in drawings. This is something that’s entirely new to me as well, so I hope I’ve done it right. The results will be visible next month, because in August I’m going to test the embroidery patterns!