🍂 It’s autumn again…

The foggy mornings, the colorful leaves on the trees and on the ground, the mossy scent of leaves that are rotting already, the mushrooms in all colors and sizes.
The hedgehogs in your backyard who are finishing up their last course of snails and are looking for a home to spend the night, the sound of crows that wake you because the food you left out for the sparrows is gone already.
The scent of pumpkin soup when you walk by the houses… Delicious!

Our plusihes are currently autumn themed too.
The first asset to join the crew is Raven, a moody … raven … who comes to ruin your morning by tipping over your garbage cans. But be careful, there’s always more of them!

We only have a few plushies of him in stock, but after that Raven will still be available as made-to-order.


Admire Raven


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