🍓 Commissions

By making a request for a commission you’re asking me to make a plushie or pillow that is completely modified to your wishes. Like plushies you can’t buy in a store or order somewhere – like a character of your own design.
A plushie like that can be in every shape, color and size, but I do ask to be able to make it in my own style. A graphic artist has their own style, but so do I. A one to one copy in a non-Angry Juice style simply isn’t possible for me.

In the form at the bottom of the page you can make a request like this, but please read all information and conditions listed first.


Requests for plushies or pillows that I won’t accept

There are a few things that require me to reply to your request with “sorry, no”.
In some cases this is because the creation process will take way too much time, or you’re asking for something that’s too complicated for me to turn into a tangible product. Also things that make me feel uncomfortable or get me into some hot water with copyright will unfortunately be refused. Think about:

🍊 Very complex plushies or pillows with a lot of detail
If your request is very detailed in terms of shape, print or accessories? Then I might ask you to simplify it first. If you’d rather not do that I unfortunately won’t be able to give your design a physical form.

🍊 “Hypersexual” or kinky plushies and pillows
I think this speaks for itself, but let’s keep it kawaii please!

🍊 Life-size plushies or pillows
The bigger the plushie or pillow, the harder it will be to package and transport afterwards. This is why we keep it “small”.

🍊 Plushies or pillows from a character that hasn’t been designed by you
If you provide an original design, I assume this design is yours. If it’s a design from someone else, I’d like to see written permission for you to use it due to copyright laws.

🍊 Plushies or pillows that already have a lot of merchandise available
More often than not the product you’re searching for is already available. But if you’re looking for something specific we can see if a commission is possible or not.

🍊 Disney characters
The reason for this is very simple: copyright. A Disney-request will always be answered with “no” for this reason.



The prices listed below are in € (euro). For a different currency you can use the Currency Converter from Xe.

Shipping is not included in these prices!
These fees will be added later because a package for a commission can differ in size and weight, and on top of that every country has different shipping fees.

This list is a rough sketch of what it could cost to get a plushie or pillow made by me, but costs can change depending on size and details.
These prices are based on material costs, time and love that is spend on the plushie:

🍊 Small plushies (15 cm tall)
€50 – €150

🍊 Medium plushies (20-25 cm tall)
€150 – €300

🍊 Large plushies (30-45 cm tall)
€300 – €500

🍊 Chibi characters (25 cm tall)
€150 – €450

🍊 Pillows
€50 – €150



Angry Juice is based in The Netherlands. Pickup is possible, but only with an appointment.
Products are shipped with services like DPD and DHL, but prices vary per package and per country because of distance, size and weight of the box.

Angry Juice is not responsible for what happens during the shipping process.
All products are packaged with outmost care, but it might happen that something happens after we hand it over to the shipping service. (Like damage or other problems.) In this case we do contact the shipping company to figure out a solution together with the customer.

Possible customs charges are to be handled by the customer themselves.



We accept payments through Paypal (for “foreign” addresses) or bank transfer (for Dutch addresses).
After placing an order we will send you a payment request (please make sure you provide us with the right address!). Please complete the transaction within the given time period.

Payments can be done in one transaction, or in two transactions. Mind you, this option is only possible for projects that are over €200.
Shipping costs will be calculated after the plushie or pillow has been made. We’ll send a separate invoice for the shipping. (If a “tip” is given beforehand the shipping costs will be deducted from that first.)

Because of the purchase of required materials I won’t start on the project before the (first) payment has been completed.


Cancellation and refunds

If you request a commission you’ll receive a quotation first. This will contain a sketch of the final product and we’ll discuss options for the fabric and shape of the plushie. During this process we’ll both notice if we’re a match or not as well. If you don’t like my ideas for your plushie you can tell me you don’t want to continue the project and the entire request will be canceled. This is free of charge.
If you approve of the sketch, fabric choice and shape of the plushie we’ll continue to the (first) payment.

In case you accepted but get second thoughts afterwards the project will often be in the starting phases still. In this case of cancellation we will charge you for the costs of the materials and time we’ve already used.

In case of the project being halfway or almost done already we will not accept cancellation and we won’t be able to provide any refunds.


Queue and process

We aim to finish a project between 2 and 6 weeks. Unfortunately it may take longer sometimes if it’s a complex and/or big project. Because Angry Juice only has one person with sewing- and embroidery experience it is possible that a queue will form if there are a lot of requests at the same time.
Don’t worry, this will just mean it might take longer for us to respond to your request. This is why we can’t work with deadlines.

For other questions or requests you can use the form below:




In short, our terms and conditions:

🍊 The project plan and costs are determined based on drawings, photos, sizes and fabric choice. Any changes (like for example additions) to this plan will be billed as extra costs afterwards.

🍊 When the customer decides to cancel the project after acceptance after all we will send an invoice for used time and purchased materials. The costs of this vary per situation.

🍊 Production time will be reviewed per project. For an average plushie this is two weeks. More complex plushies can take 6 weeks or more.

🍊 Shipping a plushie (both to us and back to you) is at your own risk. Angry Juice is not responsible if a plushie is “lost” during shipping.

🍊 When the quotation is accepted we will send a payment request to the customer. Please complete this transaction within 14 days. We won’t start the project before the payment is completed.

🍊 In case the invoice is paid in two separate payments, please complete the transaction within 14 days after the second payment request.

🍊 Be careful with expectations of the final product. It’s not possible to copy a character one-to-one from a photo or drawing. There might be changes in size, shape, details and colors.

🍊 Plushies are made by hand and with a machine. It might happen that a stitch comes loose after arrival. In this case it’s a free repair – because simply put, it can happen to anyone. We do however have a 1 month guarantee. If any damage happens to the plushie after this month we will consider this “damage caused by use”, and we will ask for a fee to fix this for you.

🍊 The repairs are carried out in a smoke free home. We do however have pets.


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