🍓 Embroidery

Sometimes you want to personalize a specific item with name, logo or a lovely image. Angry Juice wants to offer this option to customers to personalize their plushie or pillow even more. This can be done for a new product made by us, or something you bring from home.

Like clothing (bath)towels, rompers or napkins.
A great gift for a newborn child, a party, event or a holiday like Easter, Halloween or Christmas.

In the form at the bottom of the page you can make a request like this, but please read all information and conditions listed first.


Products that I won’t embroider

There are certain wishes for which I have to draw a line, either because it will take up too much time or because it’s simply too complicated for me to make. Requests that make me feel uncomfortable will be refused as well. Like for example:

🍊 Complex logos or images that are difficult to turn into an embroidery card
Some images are too detailed to recreate in the embroidery program or can’t be embroiled in the desired size.

🍊 Plushies or bags that are already stitched together.
This makes it nearly impossible to get the embroidery in it.

🍊 Dirty clothing or other products
Please provide products that are (nearly) new and clean.

🍊 Rush jobs
Rush jobs unfortunately aren’t possible because of other projects we’re working on or the purchase of the required materials.



The prices listed below are in € (euro). For a different currency you can use the Currency Converter from Xe.

Shipping is not included in these prices!
These fees will be added later because a package for a commission can differ in size and weight, and on top of that every country has different shipping fees.

The embroidery machine works with a €35 per hour rate.

This list is a rough sketch of what an embroidery could cost, but costs can change depending on size, details (and thus the time it takes to complete) of the embroidery. These prices are based on material costs, time and love that is spent on the embroidery.

Keep in mind!: The embroidery machine has a maximum range of 20 by 20 cm!!!

🍊 Name
(Block) letters, decorative letter(s), small or large
€9 – €15

🍊 Logo
Custom logo (your own design)
from €15

🍊 Images
Santa, Easter eggs, Pumpkin or Custom (your own design)
from €10



Angry Juice is based in The Netherlands. Pickup is possible, but only with an appointment.
Products are shipped with services like DPD and DHL, but prices vary per package and per country because of distance, size and weight of the box.

Angry Juice is not responsible for what happens during the shipping process.
All products are packaged with outmost care, but it might happen that something happens after we hand it over to the shipping service. (Like damage or other problems.) In this case we do contact the shipping company to figure out a solution together with the customer.

Possible customs charges are to be handled by the customer themselves.



We accept payments through Paypal (for “foreign” addresses) or bank transfer (for Dutch addresses).
After placing an order we will send you a payment request (please make sure you provide us with the right address!). Please complete the transaction within the given time period.

For “foreign” customers:
Until the payment is completed we will not start the project. This is because we might have to order in materials first.

For local customers:
We will start on the project when the quotation is accepted. When the embroiled item (or items) are returned to the customer we will send an invoice and payment request. Cash payments are also possible.


Cancellations and refunds

If you get any second thoughts, we understand. This is why we discuss in advance what will happen to the item (or items). During this process we will also decide if we’re a match or not. When we send you a quotation you can tell us that you’d rather not continue with the request, and we’ll cancel it immediately. This process is entirely free.

You’ve accepted the quotation, we’ve already started working on your embroidery, but you want it returned to you immediately? Unfortunately this will mean we will stop the process and return your item(s) in the state it was in at that moment. In this case we will not finish the embroidery process and ship it as is, or return it in it’s current state upon pickup.
Important: When shipping or handing over the item(s) there will be an invoice with fees for the time, materials we had to purchase and things that have been embroiled already.


Queue and process

It’s possible that it will be busier than usual around the holidays. This is why we encourage you to make your requests on time. It might happen that the queue is full already and we can’t respond to your request in time. Don’t worry, this simply means it can take a little longer before we can respond to your project request. We will always get back to you.

It might happen that you’re looking for a certain color that’s currently not in stock on our end. We’ll order it for you no problem, but it will take a little longer to finish your project. This is why we can’t handle rush jobs.

Simple embroideries are usually made within 1 week. We have to schedule more complex embroideries, because usually we have to make an embroidery card for it too.

Do you already have an embroidery card? Our machine can read the following file types:

For other questions or extra information you can use the form below:




In short, our terms and conditions:

🍊 The embroidery machine might stall and damage your item. Of course we’ll do everything we can to prevent this and save your item, but unfortunately we might not always be able to do so. We can’t compensate you for this item. This is at your own risk

🍊 The end price might be higher than initially quoted because of the hours spent on making the embroidery card. This is a relatively new field for us, but we will make sure to keep the costs down as much as possible.

🍊 The project plan and costs are based on drawings, photos, sizes and choice of yarn. For any possible changes a new quotation is made. These will be charged later.

🍊 If the customer wants to cancel the project they will be billed for the time we used and the materials we bought for the project. This fee is different for each situation.

🍊 Production time is reviewed per project. On average a simple embroidery takes 1 week, but more complex ones can take 2 weeks or more.

🍊 Shipping an item (both to us and back to you) is at your own risk. Angry Juice is not responsible if an item is “lost” during shipping.

🍊 Payments are divided into “foreign” and “local”.
For foreign customers we will send a payment request after the quotation is accepted. Please finish this transaction within 14 days. We won’t start the project before that.
For local customers we will send an invoice and payment request after the item is embroiled. Please finish this transaction within 14 days. Cash or spread payments are possible as well.

🍊 In case of spread payments, please finish the transaction within 14 days after the second payment request.

🍊 Be careful with the expectations of the project. It might happen that the embroidery will start to “pull” on stretchy fabrics. This is why we discourage “thick” embroideries.

🍊 The items are made with love and by human hands. It might happen that a mistake is made. In this case we’ll figure out a solution together.

🍊 The embroideries are carried out in a smoke free home. We do however have pets.


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