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What does Angry Juice do exactly?

The focus of Angry Juice is making hand made plushies primarily.
The starting point for these plushies is “かわいい” (pronounced as “kawaii”), the Japanse word for “cute”. Because of Angry Juice taking a lot of inspiration from Japanese pop culture we opted for this description.

Aside from that Angry Juice also offers other services like repairs and embroidery.
There is a lot of demand for these services nowadays, and that’s why we want to help out as well. We have the materials and machines available already anyways, and for us it’s a learning process to improve our knowledge or try something new.


What is the best way to connect with Angry Juice?

The best way to connect with Angry Juice is through email.
Subjects can best be described in text, and it’s possible for us to re-read it and for you to add photos as extra information. You can call us to request a pickup or dropoff at our address, but other than that everything goes through or one of our contact forms.


Why are the plushies and other services so expensive?

A craft is manual work that is being taught with the intention to use as a profession. A lot of crafts are dying out because there is little or no interest for them, and because of these products being produced on mass in a factory for less fess and is made available more easily.

You attach emotional value to some objects, and in that case it’s nice to know that you don’t have to throw them away, but can get them repaired. Your favorite plush that received a lot of love is a good example of this.

But, sometimes you just want something unique. A handmade plushie that you won’t find anywhere else, or a pillow with an embroidery of your own design.

Making plushies, repairing them and creating embroidery cards takes times. The design for a plushie can easily take an entire week of time, and a repair two days or so. If we’d ask minimum wages for this our products and services would skyrocket in terms of prices.


Why is there this big of a limit in terms of the size for the embroidery?

Our embroidery machine is a Brother VR.
This machine has a maximum range of 20 by 20 cm. Unfortunately we can’t go any bigger.


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